Uh, I think I can see….


Dirty Surfing!


If some body from Java in Indonesia tells you to go and take a dip at the beach, just say ‘no thanks!’

It is one of the world’s most photogenic sports, often taking place in exotic locations.
But, as this worrying picture shows, surfing is not always that glamorous. The picture was taken off the coast of Java in Indonesia and shows the country’s most famous surfer Dede Suryana gliding through an enormous trash-filled wave.The 28-year-old looks poised and balanced as bits of debris and trash roll over the top of him.
The incredible picture was captured by surf photographer Zak Noyle who searches the world looking for the perfect surfing pictures.

A street that is strip searched by baboons!

I thought I should include this photo…baboon in south africa Well just because it’s a rare find…

In the street battle for supremacy between man and baboon, it can only be said that both sides are using guerrilla tactics.

For the baboons it means swarming SAS style up the sheer sides of blocks of flats, prising open windows and plundering anything that is inside. Usually they just want food, but sometimes a flapping set of net curtains or a child’s cuddly toy bear can provide some added entertainment.

For the humans, the weapons of choice – given that their enemy is a protected species – tend to be paintball guns and pepper sprays. They have the momentary effect of driving the baboons away, but hunger and sheer nerve always bring them back.

Rubber band face! No, I am serious!


Well if you thought rubber band was only for tying together loose wands of cash…

These are the weird yet wonderful portraits created by artist Wes Naman with the help of the simple rubber band.
The photographer came up with the idea for the collection of warped faces after his series of pictures called Scotch Tape became an internet sensation last year.
The 38-year-old artist, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, invited subjects to wrap the bands around themselves because let’s face it, pinging elastic can hurt.

If you look at me long enough, I will wink at ya!

This abstract photograph was taken by Katie Johnson from Katiescamerablog:

I still walk in the Guadalupe District on occasion, as it’s only 10 minutes from my home, and if I get there early in the morning, one of the railroad warning lights has the most wonderful expression. I noticed this about a year ago but only got around to shooting it last month.

So here you go…. does she look like she’s flirting with you? The way the early morning sun has shaded the lights to make them appear as eyes?

I love noticing silly things like this, and I hope this photo makes you smile and gives you a nice start to the week.

Taken with the 105mm lens at f/2.8, to get as much blur in the background as I could (and I knew the lens would be sharp where I needed it to be–those eyes). ~ Katiescamerablog

Note: Images and text from Katiescamerablog.

Dont even look at my Lamborghini (HDR)

Lamborghini (HDR): Seems to have scratched a statement with every facet. Every inch. Every HDR (I wonder what that stands for) This photo was taken on using a Canon EOS 450D.(More reason for me to believe one will love this camera AS AN ENTRY LEVEL CAMERA). Other programmes used: Programs : Adobe Photoshop CS4 + Raw Image. (Click to enLARGE)

HT Mishari Alkhudori via Flickr.