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I am selling my camera…to buy a drone!

drone photographyAnd this is why!

The winners in the second International Drone Photography Contest have been announced. Organised by Dronestagram, a social network for drone photography, with the help of National Geographic, the contest saw more than 5,000 pictures submitted across three categories: Places, Nature and Dronies (selfies taken with a drone).

First prize went to Ricardo Matiello with his photo ‘Above the Mist’ taken above Maringa Cathedral, Parana, Brazil. Besides winning the overall prize the image came first in the ‘Places’ category.

Street photography: Markus Andersen

I have been doing some street photography (and may be in future I will get the courage to put up my photos) but for now I will let Markus Andersen do his thing:


Trying Something

Welcome to Southend ED August 2020

Autumn Bridge Abstracts!

Rivets joints on a bridge in Northlands Park.

I came across this bridge in Northlands Park (Basildon). The joinery interested me…or rather distracted me as I was riding past on a bicycle. I was using a Nikon D1…its an old one that has a faulty shutter so you have to click 20 times before it takes a snap. Grrr!

Thrust into the Game…

I finally did my first shooting today. No. Not with a gun – a friend lent me a Nikon D40. So I went out into the park with 11 inches of snow still beckoning to be snapped. Then I lined up every one I cam across at home for a portrait special. Finally I sat down in front of a bunch of roses and clicked away. However I am not bold enough to show you my fumbles yet but I shall whet your appetite.  Ladies and gentle men, behold the rose!

Behold the rose...

Next time I will add the specifications and aperture dimensions (like a pro). 😉

Mind Bending Milk Drop in Cup

This photo was taken on using a Canon EOS 350D Digital.(click to enLARGE)

[Milk drop] was Inspired by some amazing pictures I decided to have a go. These are no where near as good as others (in fact, there is only one photo, the other is a crop) but out of the ~150 I took, these are the only decent ones. ~ Mini OzzY

Shhh…Or Vulture Vill get ya!

This is an interesting one from one of many safaris [I have never gone for but do frequent in my dreams]. Getting this scene right can take ages of waiting (atleast for a vulture to sit on a tree branch as a cloud drifts lazily across a rising sun) Taken at Satara area in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Cape vulture at sunrise in Satara area in Kruger National Park S Africa

Canon XSi Getting Started

I am looking forward to buying one good camera. The Canon Xsi or 450D has caught my eyes.

…More Videos!

The Good Person Test

This is where I give  out the link to the biggest test before its taken off the net. After a few politicians have taken the test and scored the same grades as my ten year old neighbour’s son. Take a deep breath and Click here.