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Sometimes going to the beach is not just about the water

I went to Southend seafront today and resisted the urge of taking photos of the obvious. Instead I looked around me and sought out the quirky. Here are afew of the best photos.

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In jumped a racquet!

In jumped a racquet!

The Zebu Cows of Madagascar

Zebu Cart in Madagascar

Zebu Cart in Madagascar

Paolo Torchio has done it! Here is a …

…breathtaking collection of photographs documents the staggering natural beauty and scenery of the island of Madagascar home to a unique collection of animals found nowhere else in the world.

Decidated photographer Paolo Torchio, 51, spent over a month travelling through the Western region of the island just off the coast of Africa to capture the stunning shots.

On his travels he captured the island’s famous Baobab Trees as well as the jagged ‘stone forest’ of Tsingy, carved out over millions of years by acidic tropical rain.

Absolutely brilliant!